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Sustainable and circular project furniture .... objects and materials with a never ending story. As a 'hit maker' we present you exciting and controversial circular furniture and materials.

Creative thinking, use our knowledge, product- and materialbank. Creating innovative solutions, ideas and opportunities. Based on your wishes and design, we present the most suitable circular products and suppliers.  As a 'miraclemaker' we give you the best solution.

In our collection there are many products that you can order immediately, but circular design often starts from the design phase. We develop the solution for you from your waste stream. Innovate with waste to make innovative, unique and lasting products. As a 'matchmaker' we link the need and technology to design an innovative circular interior.

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Green Deal

We are proud to annonce that we are partner of the green deal circular building. Through this joint commitment, construction companies, building material manufacturers, local and regional authorities, private developers, researchers and other organizations will work together to make circular building in Flanders into everyday reality in the future. 

Circular economy & the construction sector
In a circular economy, numerous strategies are applied in order to keep materials and products in the economy as high as possible. They are repaired, have a high second-hand value, can be upgraded, can easily be disassembled and transformed into new products, the materials are fully recyclable or biodegradable...


The building sector has a major impact on total materials use in Flanders: some 30 to 40% of our waste comes from the building industry. Moreover, the way in which we build and live has a major impact on our CO2 footprint. Due to the size of the sector and the total volume of materials, a concerted change towards the circular economy really makes a difference.


Moreover, construction is a typical environment where different sectors work together to achieve better results. So there is great potential here for closing the chains as much as possible, especially since this chain is mainly organised here, locally.

And that 's exactly what we are good at and what we are very happy to do together with you, circular chain partnerships. 

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